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Jésus number one

Four three two go, alleluia
Jesus number one (number one)
Jesus number one
Only Jesus (number one)
Never number two
Never number three
Only Jesus (number one)

Ayaya yeah (ayaya yeah) x4
My God is good (is so good)
My Lord is good (very very good)
My God is good
My Lord is good

Ayaya yeah (ayaya yeah) x4
Alleuia, glory!
Somebody scream, I can’t hear you
Come on!

Yawhe yawhe, yawhe yawhe kumama eh
Yawhe yawhe yawhe yawhe kumama
Yawhe yawhe yawhe kumama x2

You are God at least and ever more
And you will not ever ever ever change

Moto mokila te

I’m gonna go foward (go foward) x4
Jesus number one
Jeohva number one
In you business
In your family, yes I believe

I want to fly
I want to shine
This is my year
I will succeed, to the maximum
Yeah get in position

Are you ready (yes)
If you are ready say Yes (yes)
You are my Lord
You are my Father
You are my King
Igwe number one oh

Oh you are willing to be praise
Oh saint God
To receive all the glory
Most high God

Igwe tshuku

Ah you are willing to be praise
Oh saint God


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