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Go forward


Jesus number one
(number one) x2

Jesus number one x3
Devil number 2

number one (6)
aya ya ya iye x(4)
ohhh my God is good oh
he’s so good
my God is good oh
very very y good x3
aya ya ya iye(4)

…yawe yawe yawe
you are my victorey
you are my healer
you are my savior

u should praise you
yawe yawe yawe
everything you are my guider
yawe yawe yawe

papa nga na langwe yo
i want to fight
i want to shout
this is my day x2
this is your day
i want succeed
to the maximum
i wanna go forward
i wanna go forward
je paux ancance
toke liboso

biso noiso to bina
tobina i wanna go forward
go forward
i want succeed
succeed .


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